What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Why thank you Tim. TBH I've usually sported some kind of facial hair since I was a teen as I was always a bit lazy when it came to shaving, fortunately I was able to grow a decent beard from pretty early on. I've had all sorts from mutton chops, moustaches [including about 8 years sporting a stupendous handlebar] full beards but this is the first time I've hacked out a goatee. See, if the trend is for X I invariably shy away and go for W or Z which is why I've not had a goatee as they have been so popular. I might let the moustache grown and carve out another handlebar ....we shall see. It's interesting to see how different styles are greeted by people, the handlebar invariably attracted favourable comment or a smile ....and that can only be a good thing.

The chair of contemplation overlooks the valley out the back and is the remains of a huge willow tree that gave me nightmares for years and was the cause of some marital discontent as I wanted to do away with it as soon as we bought the place. The thing was enormous and not that far from the house but SWMBO fell in love with it despite my dire warnings about roots and unexpected falling boughs. Lo and behold as soon as we finished fencing off the back paddock it shed a monster branch right through the fence - so the whole tree had a 30% haircut. I've done my fair share of tree work in my younger days and this needed harnesses and ropes so got a pro in to do it. That was ok for a bit until one night when we had some horrendous winds, the old tree started making ominous noises and knowing how willows suddenly crack I made an executive decision and booked it to be felled - a good two day job for two pro's. I requested they leave about 10ft of stump cut dead level at the top as I had a mind to build something on the top but it proved such a good place to just sit and ponder I kept it as is. When I've up there I can see, directly across the little valley, the cottage that was clipped by a B-24 one morning before cartwheeling into the field in front with the loss of 12 brave men. I think of them often when I'm taking 5 on that chair.
Enjoyed the story very much, thanks. I envy you for your contemplation station. Were you more Navy inclined I’d suggest calling it HMS Contemplation, and you could sail the stormy sea of thoughts. Cheers, Markus


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Enjoyed the story very much, thanks. I envy you for your contemplation station. Were you more Navy inclined I’d suggest calling it HMS Contemplation, and you could sail the stormy sea of thoughts. Cheers, Markus
Thanks Marcus. Funny you should mention things nautical because when the tree was felled I had ideas of chainsaw carving some kind of figurehead on the front of that trunk as the acute angle makes it look a bit like the prow of a boat ...but that is something else I never got round to doing :D


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Yes, Battered Tan Horsehide (should have come up with a better name in the first place) we've been having this leather made for around 8 years now, every delivery seems to be different, often mismatched, odd graining, etc due to the unique tanning method used.
Over the years we've gathered up a lot of offcuts, part hides etc. Last time I was at the factory I filled the boot of my old Range Rover with a few hundred foot of the off cuts and I've been using them to make first samples.
There is quite a pull up to the leather (lots of oils in the tanning) so occasionally one panel will lighten up more than the rest of the jacket during make up. turning through/closing etc mainly
I've worked out how to do a Period Correct closing technique that removes most of the crushing of the jacket at this stage so the jackets should look genuinely used but not mismatched.
We are planning a range of 30s Civvy jackets when we are back at work to use up the rest of the part cut hides
Can't use the new closing technique on Bike Jackets though, hence the very pale panel on the front on the one in the pic. :( Could be darkened down easily with boot polish however
How about the Battered seal Horsehide? Is it the same story as Battered Tan? Will aero produce more 30s Civvy jackets by using both battered tan and battered seal?


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Can other's who like beer join the mission...:D
Chris, when we eventually come through this I really hope all of us here can meet up somewhere in a nice cosy pub. I've got loads of family and friends in the UK and we were planning a trip to Britain this summer before this crap hit. When this nonsense ends and I get back over there, we should organise a big hook up. I will happily shout a round for all my mates, and you can hold me to that :)

Take care guys, wash your hands and don't pick your nose!


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The Sunday. As expected the same setting... this is the RMC Zielinski Co. 37J1B in a size 46. The arms for me were abnormally long and I had to take off a good 1 1/2 inches. And there's still plenty of length left. Work was done by San Diego Leather Jacket Factory on National City Blvd. They did a rad job on the Name Tag, too, but I misplaced it too far to the outside of the jacket to have it flush with the USN. It's tolerable but I should have positioned it more towards to zipper. Oh well, a less than perfect World. Too minor a problem to worry about. Hey, anybody spying Venus and its travel through the Plejades these days? Aren't we all astronauts on space ship Earth?

The Top picture is overlayed with a Filter called "automatic(?)", the following no filter. Don't know which represents the colour best.

Have a great and safe Carl Sagan day (it's my science Sunday). Markus