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Hey there,

I am still trying to talk myself into/out of this jacket.

One question on the sleeve length. Is that measurement to the cuff or including the cuff?


Sir! I would like to ask you a favour, please. I want to make a collar for my French PN jacket from some spare mouton fur I have and would like to know what the measurements would be. Would you mind awfully measuring your collar - the length towards the neck (with the button holes) and the outside length. That way I would get the angle of the points right. Ta muchly in advance, Hazayad
Hi Ritchy,
i am fine with 20€ if you are (plus shipping costs)
Let me know,
...au fait, français, si tu préfères écrire en français
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Merci Cyril, superbe G1 ce col lui va a ravir. Renseignes toi pour les frais de port et je te ferai le virement sur ton compte si tu me donnes un IBAN.
Dis moi !
Combien t'a couté la pose du col ?