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G’day Ken,

I’m from the south west of Western Australia & I think that I could wear a RAF flight jacket through our winter. I read on VLJ that your new merino pebbled BOB RAF jacket is actually lighter in it’s wool thickness vs your standard versions. Is this somewhat accurate Ken?

I’ve added more in an email due to post size.

Thank you for your time Ken.

Kind Regards
Steve Brown
Hello Silver Surfer! Please check your private messages.

Thanks! Jim
Silver Surfer
I have, wazzup?
Do you still have the Aero 1711-P available for sale?
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That's awesome Dave and many, many thanks for the link.

Have a great weekend,

Hey Edward, The auction passed with all the Alberto Vargas originals and some prints. The prices were insane!! Even the limited edition prints were over 1000! I was able to score a western piece used on the cover of a pulp magazine. It was a 1931 Frank Spradling oil painting called The Sheriff Ducks
doesn’t surprise me. I have a large printer’s proof Varga Girl that the San Francisco Art Exchange estimated at auction could fetch up to $10,000. And this info was given to me back in 1997! Not hand signed yet can still demand that much as it’s considered a limited edition print produced when vargas was alive. pullouts from the magazines aren’t particularly rare but press proofs are.