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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


I've only got a couple more weeks of jacket weather here. It's already starting to get into the 70's during the day. Right now I can still get away with wearing my Buzz L-2 or GW Doniger at night when drops into the mid 50's.


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Well just like the Brits were are freezing our butts of here in the Netherlands, I put my AN-J-4 away for summer storage
but I have been wearing my B-10 for the last week.

Peter Graham

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Roughwear said:
We are undergoing a cold spell in the UK this Easter weekend. The A2s have gone away for the time being and out come the Irvins!
You're right there. My faithful B-11 has come back out of the wardrobe.


Hi, Folks,

With daytime highs of 0ºC to -5ºC at night - I'm wearing my Gibson and Barnes horsehide AN-J-3 about 16 hours a day for the last week.

Before that about 8 hours a day .

Once in a while I'll wear an A-2 of goat or horsehide.

Bill French


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The typical Autumn (Fall for the US bretheren) weather here in Tasmania. Last week was actually the warmest we had all Summer. This week is more like what we expect, down to 3 degrees C overnight, highs of 20 degrees C in the day. I've been wearing my Aero Real Deal and the small Perry this week. Wet, windy weather at these temps brings out the IB Foster G-1, I use it like a raincoat.
Can't wait until the B-15c and WPG Irvin can see some use - and I think it won't be too long at all now I'm wishing for cold, frosty mornings. :D


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Urbaniak RMNZ RW




No pictures of the five finger pimp ring bseal ???

Nice jacket.

Really that horsehide on that jacket is super top notch. Enjoy it in good health.



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This morning it was minus 10 Celsius, so it will be the same as yesterday: Irvin with a woolen sweater.


Tranquility Base said:
I'm wearing a High Level Gear (HLG) prototype 37-3891 P.

Maybe you're the one with the Johny Depp in the Ninth Gate-type obsession- that's a pretty rare bird idn't it? Or are you pulling our plonkers? :lol: