What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Sorry but wanted to share this funny photo :)

Tough decision :D
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Hmm.. Since the price of any good pair of boots is usually quite comparable with any good / top end leather jacket - am not sure how much real sounds the phrase "3 pairs of boots or a leather jacket", otherwise the correct answer seems to be quite obvious for most of us) Is there any possible option to choose both buttons together?))
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I had a beautiful bottle of Bordeaux the other night, a 2004 Chateau Dudon. Doesn't cost the earth but bloody lovely.

I'm hitting the beer once I've finished all this damn shovelling. Problem is that it's still snowing so I'll have to go out again.


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IWM shop stocks several, also amazon uk. Originals can be surprisingly cheap, I paid about 10 quid for my WWII surface current Japan and China Sea survival chart.