What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Well if you can’t beat ‘em.......
Weather is rainy and windy in Suffolk......
Could wear an M-51, A-2, Norrona goretex, Arcteryx LEAF goretex, RAF Mk3, old North Face Denali.......

Will report on weather daily - stand by :D
Hey Dave:D
You peaked my interest . What’s an RAF MK 3?
How’s it going buddy ?

Lord Flashheart

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If no photos are the new photos now does that mean I need to post old photos in the Photo Gallery Forum ? ....

I'll get my coat *

*well strictly ELC ANJ4 today wot I picked up from nice Mr Lever but no photos. ....."Obvs" as the kids today say :cool:


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Don't want to bore folks around here either with my already well known jackets :D ... Just imagine me wearing my trusty B-6 earlier today while out and about doing some book shopping (found some interesting tomes) ...maybe switching to the M-422a later for taking the missus out for V-Day celebrations....