What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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today i'm wearing a BRONSON A1 which i recently purchased here on the Forum from memeber "Heisenberg" - Raphael sold the jacket for an absolute fair Price (thanks again Raph) and managed to send it within 3 days ...

jacket is a size 44
the A-1 jacket fits you very well , Thomas ;)
thank you for your message about me !


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I returned home and here + 6 C. So tomorrow I’ll finally wear my Buzz B-15C :)
We had that awful thing when after the thaw yesterday it shot down to minus overnight so when I got up this morning it was mirror ice everywhere. After breaking my finger the other day falling on the stuff I was wearing the Irvin on the top half and some crampons over my boots on the bottom!


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Grabbed the AVI A-2 today. This is the 2019 version (currently still on website). Very light and comfortable A-2. I had the slightly darker seal knit, replaced with seal knit from MASH.
Byson UK did the work, which was… ok.
I don’t think this version is as Bronco-esque as the V1 and V2 jackets, but its my favourite. So easy to wear.
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