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Platon Dubow seal?


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Man, this jacket is nice!.. Warmer weather is upon me, and I am actually sadder to put it away than I thought I'd be. The Dubow is just at the stage of break-in where the once stiff HH, especially in the the arms and back has loosened-up, and gravity / wear is finally causing some nice draping, as well as creasing. Something to be said about taking a brand-new, nicely-patterned A-2 of great Italian HH, and breaking it in to MY body and movements.... the story of ONLY MY adventures shown in the creases and wear. Don't get me wrong..I love / loved most of my previously owned high-end repros, but this particular Dubow has been a joy to tame so far, and still has a ways to go.. Some nice russet color is lurking under the seal, peeking through in a couple of high-wear areas already.

Here's a few pics I grabbed earlier today:

DSCF0779 (2).jpg

DSCF0781 (2).jpg

DSCF0782 (2).jpg


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I understand this and appreciate everyone’s input. I think it’s reasonable that after sending payment almost 8 weeks ago, and asking numerous times for confirmation of the order, to expect at least a brief response - for all I know the business may no longer be in operation, there may be significant delays due to material shortages and so on - it would just be helpful to have acknowledgement of my order from Platon, as at the moment all I have is a PayPal receipt confirming my payment.
Just as an update, I did receive a reply from Platon in March, with an estimated ship date in April. Unfortunately, there were further delays, and was told it was hoped my order would ship in May, and to chase the first week of May for an update. I’ve sent three emails in May, and not received a reply to any of them - I’m assuming a May dispatch date is still unlikely.

I have good faith in Platon, but I’m sharing this for those of who you may only have been waiting one or two months - keep waiting!


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I have had the same experience as timmbo, placed my order in October for a seal jacket got the email reply in March that my jacket should be ready first week in May. Platon has not responded to any more emails.


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It's not a seal Dubow, but thought I'd post some pics of my russet horsehide Platon Dubow after a bit of heavy wear. No special treatment other than getting caught in the rain cycling a couple times and cross country flights for work.Only modification made: swapping out the repro Talon puller for an original. All in all, a first class jacket for the dough!



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I'd pick the russet over the seal now based on your photos alone.

What I like about your jackets as well Grant is how you're not afraid to wear them and do physical stuff in them. And they look all the better because of it. You can always tell those repros which have been laid out carefully on the floor and worn carefully because they never develop the proper creasing and wear points.

That Platon of yours is going to look similar to a nice original with more of the same wear and use.

BTW, what's the top coat/finish on these jackets like? Does it wear off easily in high wear areas?


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Yep, I don't treat them very well. The top coat finish seems quite robust, but starts to give way in areas that get a ton of abrasion. For me that's the outer sleeve and shoulder/epaulet area from constantly putting on/removing a backpack. Also, this jacket's never been hung on a proper clothes hanger so usually ends up thrown over a chair as a back cushion or hung by it's hanger loop on a coat hook.
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Yep, I don't treat them very well. The top coat finish seems quite robust, but starts to give way in areas that get a ton of abrasion. For me that's the outer sleeve and shoulder/epaulet area where I'm constantly putting on/removing a backpack.
Nice one Grant, that's very like the shoulder and epaulet wear you see on originals (at least those worn in single seaters) from parachute and seat harness use. There's a few at the museum here - all worn in fighters - and the parachute and seat harness wear is very noticeable in those areas.

Keep on doing what you're doing to it because that Dubow's already looking great!


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An Absolute winner Grant! I would love some more fit pics as you go. My russet will be with me, sometime in.... ???.. :cool:
My seal is developing some nice areas of 'top notes', mainly pockets, collar ends and epaulets... I also wear a backpack with it and thats helping develop natural patina. Yeah, loving these jackets.
On a side note, some samples I received last year, seal with russet. This seal represents some of the lighter panels on my jacket.
Dubowmfg samples.jpg