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Platon Dubow seal?


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Sorry, if I misunderstood, but the info I had... was...it was a Madam...it was mentiomed in the “ hat lounge” somewhere.
BTW...here .... all wear original flight jackets...all original issued"...

8 of March ...women’s day... Lets celebrate...and all original flight jackets...
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Serving as a messenger once here:

Some updates for those who ordered jackets: Platon replied an email I sent earlier saying "Sorry for the late reply as the email system here was severely damaged and we are still working to restore it fully."

He's trying to reply everyone now. So if you are concerned about your orders or inquiries, make sure to check your emails over the next days!


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Sorry I’ve been so late posting this. I did receive my jacket from Platon on March 25 and it’s very impressive. The quality is fantastic as it appears that he cuts no corners making it vintage 40s. I am very pleased and just want to say it was well worth the wait. I put my order in around the middle of November and did correspond with Platon back and forth through those months. Although there were times when I didn’t get a response back immediately Platon would eventually respond. If you are considering ordering one of these then I would say go ahead and do it. If you’ve already ordered then be patient because it will eventually arrive. I’m not an expert on these A2 jackets but I will say that I have no interest in trying to find a better one than this one. First time I wore it out in public I got several compliments on it. The horeshide is tough and a bit thick especially compared to goatskin jackets that I’ve wore and will need to be worn a while to get broke in. Also Platon told me that he hopes to sell these cheaper than the current price is now in the future. 5 stars for sure.


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A bit cheaper would force me to let the moths fly out of my wallet for another one in russet... ;) My seal is getting close to being broken-in after a good bit of wear this past season. I actually reached for it over my GW RW 27752 for the most part. I'll say it yet again, Platon really hit it out of the park with his Dubows... :cool::)


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Have to agree...
(but I'd grab now... If he does find a way to go cheaper, I have to ask, what will be compromised???)
Interesting thought.... I certainly wouldn't want the Italian HH substituted for anything less, as well as the Japanese hardware. Perhaps he isn't moving the amount anticipated, and is just willing to cut into what little profit he's making on them until things pick up? I actually wanted to order a russet awhile back, but other obligations got in the way.. The same quality jacket at a less expensive price would push me over the edge though. I'd make it happen somehow..;)


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Brett, could you post the measurements of your Dubow? Especially shoulder to shoulder and pit to pit. Thank you.


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I still have samples of the seal and russet, will try and pull them out for a comparison pic for ye.
My 42's measurements are above... But would love to see what others get.