Platon Dubow seal?

Discussion in 'Repros' started by zoomer, Sep 14, 2018.

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    56C2E30B-A2F3-4B33-920D-219AB9A2E680.jpeg 56C2E30B-A2F3-4B33-920D-219AB9A2E680.jpeg Sorry, if I misunderstood, but the info I had... was a was mentiomed in the “ hat lounge” somewhere. .... all wear original flight jackets...all original issued"...

    8 of March ...women’s day... Lets celebrate...and all original flight jackets...
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    Serving as a messenger once here:

    Some updates for those who ordered jackets: Platon replied an email I sent earlier saying "Sorry for the late reply as the email system here was severely damaged and we are still working to restore it fully."

    He's trying to reply everyone now. So if you are concerned about your orders or inquiries, make sure to check your emails over the next days!
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    Thanks @nkang that’s good to know.

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