Boots / shoes to wear with your flight jacket s...


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I don’t know the answer to that Tim. Most US Military boots are cross laced unless they are dress or parade boots . The airborne used to straight lace their dress boots after they went from Brown to Black jump boots . They used white parachute shroud lines for contrast and straight laced them. Of course there was always a couple of over achievers that went a little overboard , like this guy ;)
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Juuuuust a bit too glam for military...


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Thanks Ties !
Hope alls well with you and the girls :)
Thanks, Burt!

It is, though relocating back home has hit us "harder" than expected.
The girls miss the sun, the warmth and their Andalucian friends...
For me, the situation at the office has been unusually busy for July and August...

But...we have spent the first weekend in our new appartment at the Baltic Sea...yooohooo ;-)



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Glad to hear that you’ve gotten home and alls ok . When you have some free time would love to see the new apartment on the Baltic . I’ll PM you :)

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Happy birthday Burt,
I managed to pick these up a month or so ago - a pair of redwing 'munson ranger' boots- essentially a ww2 service boot, a wider toe than iron rangers and a brogue detailed toe cap. Now I know these were limited editions, so I'm almost scared to wear them! I took a chance on them and it paid off