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John Lever
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  • Hi John,
    I'm a member with small point concerning Numbers of postent messages ;) I have some A2 to sell, 1 ww2 Monarch, 1 THE FEW dubow 1755, all in size 38.
    My question is : can you give the right to post on the buy/sell forum ??
    Have a god sunday !
    Hi John, can you post a picture of you wearing Whitefeather‘s The general? Thanks!

    Cheers Christoph
    Please remove my listing in the Buy and sell section where the Werber B-2 was sold as the deal fell through. I've already relisted the jacket.

    I have 2 original M-445 jackets that I have been wearing for many years. The sheep skin is tearing every time I wear either. Are there any other choices than the Eastman or Lost Worlds ANJ-4 for the highest quality. I even sent one of my originals to John Chapman to replicate. He had trouble finding suitable sheepskin and the project went nowhere. Any suggestions or recommendations?
    Could you tell me how or can you completely delete my membership? It seems that most online forums are pretty much dead as this website. If you could completely scrub and delete my account it would be be greatly appreciated.
    Bombing IP
    Bombing IP
    I am visiting frequently and see no interaction with members,its become a show and tell with 5 new postings a week it seems .
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