AVI LTHR Bronco updated 2019 version


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Its not bad. I've seen pics of originals with darker seal knit (likely replacement knits). In fact, I think theres an original A-2 in one of the UK museums I've seen personally, with darker seal knit. There are WW2 Broncos in both the IWM in central London and at Hendon...


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I think this is so easy for manufacturer compared with the building of the jacke... if to give to this Bronco right brown or rust knitwear - it would be much, much better.

Thomas Koehle

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Nice jacket although the knittings would be too dark for me also ...

the Artist of the Comic is "Eric Herenguel" - he invented the Comic series "Kong Crew" and is pretty active on FB - check for him - he also once in a while does jackets in commission


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If the knits were mid brown and the thread was OD, I would actually pull the trigger on one of these as the pattern, leather, collar etc, really look the goods.

And that's coming from me who has supposedly sworn off any new A-2s and even (after much hand-wringing, several scotches, a couple of cheeky little bourbons and a couple of G&Ts) resisted the siren calls of Platon's job.

But I'm a sucker for the Bronco pattern because it seems to suit my build so I really am tempted by this one but if only Morten would just make a couple of tweaks.


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Um, guess I don't really get how this is a reproduction of the 29191 Bronco contract. IMHO it looks more like just another inexpensive generic modern looking A-2.
Sure it has beveled pocket bottoms and an ok spec label, but that's about it.
My two cents having owned a number of original Broncos:
The fit looks much longer in the torso than any contract Bronco I've seen. Broncos have a short 40's cut to the torso and are trim in the shoulders with fuller cut sleeves.
The collar points looks much more elongated than originals
The goat or horse should be more of a poopy russet color, not seal brown
As mentioned before, OD stitching and lighter brown knits.
Also, every Bronco I've handled has a Crown zip and United Carr snaps.

I get the market for a cheaper repro, but I wouldn't call it a Bronco. Just my two cents!


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I get the market for a cheaper repro, but I wouldn't call it a Bronco.
That's probably the thing with these cheaper options. They're never going to have the details and finesse of the top tier repros. So perhaps putting an original contract spec label on it is kind of setting yourself up to get knocked down!

For the dinero you have to think that Platon's one is the one to beat if you don't want to go top dollar.


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No, AVI only does std sizing. I actually ordered two 42s, this one was 0.25" longer in the sleeves, so returning the other one.
Measurements are approx...
Shoulders - 18.25"
Back length - 25"
Sleeves - 25.5"
Pit to pit F - 21"
Pit to pit B - 22"
Zipper - 22.5"
I would have loved 1" more in the sleeves and 0.5" in the body. But thats dreaming.
The jacket is so very comfy! Extremely comfortable. So easy to grab out the door, even with all those Dubows...
The pit to pit seems narrow, but as you can see from the photos, theres more than enough room for my 40" chest ;)


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For those interested... Out of curiosity, I emailed AVI (Morten) a week or so ago about any updates, Perry etc... They've been quiet.
Just received a brief reply to the effect of, "Yes, we are still working on it". They want to take their jackets up a notch, and are looking to China to reproduce their originals. First up is a horsehide version of the Bronco, and possibly reproducing their original M422a also. Have a test version of the Bronco being made-up and depending how that turns out, will go from there.
Based on what I've seen online, the Chinese repros look pretty good, never seen one in person though. What do you gents think? Could be good, no?


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Why not Europe or US? Also in Europe and US quality jobs can be rewarding.
Surely the owner is happy to get himself and all his beloved ones EU/US standards for social security, healthcare and education.


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I can only guess... Chinese repros seem to be better than those coming out of Pakistan, they are good at copying things very closely. Production cheaper than EU and US. Just look at Bronson and Bob Dong's offerings.
I wonder if it will effect the price though. Surely it must... Still, a horsehide Bronco sounds interesting.