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AVI LTHR Bronco updated 2019 version


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If I'd met her before I suggested the Jump Suit, (rather than listened to her demo before we met) I very much doubt if I'd have come up with that image
That's very true of a lot of celebs and even sporting bods who turn out to be nothing like their on stage/field presence.

Back when I was playing club cricket I was rather lucky and was selected as one of half a dozen for a day's fast bowling coaching with Dennis Lillee, the legendary Aussie quick. If you know cricket you'll no doubt remember what a fearsome bloke he was on the pitch. He was aggressive, used to throw looks at the batsmen that he was going to knock their blocks off - and often nearly did as he was very fast and took no prisoners. I remember I was nervous as hell to meet him and was actually petrified. The funny thing was he was actually the nicest bloke, absolutely charming and the complete antithesis of his on field persona.