Anyone interested in Fivestar horsehide? 3 shades in progress..


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I have to say this chrome tanned steer of his drapes pretty darn close to what the originals look like. I like a very tight fit to mine so it’s hard to see but the drape is obvious when it’s unzipped. I might be in the minority here but I like my new jacket to look, well, new. I want an even color with no blotchy spots like you get with veg tanned jackets. I want my jacket to look like an original in 80 years, not after 16 weeks haha.
Here is the drape in the back. It was the best picture out of a dozen


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Spitfireace: I bought these zippers in Japan and sent to Shawn for the jackets, i've had them 'in hands' and was nothing but good quality ones ;)