What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Time for the annual Eden Project Xmas visit. Was glad of the B-3 despite it being fairly mild-lots of sitting around. Didn't really need the A-10's but just wanted an excuse to wear them. Red Wings still look like new despite several weeks of heavy wear! View attachment 28144
Great looking combo! Your B-2 Cap is a low profile like mine. Is it an Eastman as well?



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Mister Fancy Pants today. My daughter was playing in a concert here at the concert hall and so I had to put on the glad rags - heavyweight Harris tweed hacking jacket. - 3 Celsius so it was appreciated too.
my old B-2 is now more leather patch than sheepskin on top and bill is just holding on but then it is older than me, just about, used to wear it loads on the jeep .. made by Shaw-Barton inc, of Coshokton, Ohio.. anyone ever heard of them ? .... I've never seen a jacket by them