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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Pizza is the devil!! ;)

Was not until last night where I thought this Monarch could be the new daily wearer. Pulled the Superior Togs box down to take it out to put it on eBay. Need another Monarch 42 to put away for 'good'.


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Third night for Vic's ELC Monarch. Loving the hide and fit.

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Stunning jacket Couchy and the fit is spot on. What with it being winter down there you really need to knock seven shades of shit out of that one and get some wear going as it'll look all the better for it - you can see from the leather. Lift some firewood, work on the car, fix the fence, etc, etc. These sorts of jackets look better if you wear them like they wore the originals, hard and without worrying about getting marks, scuffs and stains. The harder you wear it the better it'll look.

Nice score.


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I had been good all deployment in NOT buying another A-2. Then the pics kinda sorta changed that REAL quick. Was lucky the World had not spun a bit more prior to Vic's post. VERY fortunate.