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What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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The more I am wearing it, the more I am loving it...
My BR 37J1 .... It has been giving a washing two times now to get a little fading on it and it shrank a little in the process...it has a better fit now than before IMHO...

On Friday it will go to my tailor to have the VB-2 patch sewn on...pics to follow once that's done

Coincidentally, found that b/w pic today on IG...one of the rare occasions where the plane in the background is even more interesting than the jackets on the guys in front



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What the f#&!s going on?! I live inside the Arctic Circle in Norway and there's no bloody way I could have worn a jacket today.

The world has gone all topsy-turvy, there's guys 10, 15 degrees lower in latitude rocking jackets.

This global warming stuff is nuts. And I went swimming for the first time in Norway two weeks ago and the water wasn't cold.