What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Between +3 and 6 Celsius which is just bloody ridiculously mild for this time of year here. I got by very comfortably with a T-shirt, a Henley and an A-2. It was even too warm for the A-10 gloves.


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A sensational looking fedora Jeremiah. Is it the Crystal Scull version? You may have heard Indy 5 won't debut until June of 2021.


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We had a week of insane heat. 115/46.4 Degrees. Zero jackets.

Just unboxed my latest BR First Pattern Tanker in a 42 from Japan. Makes for new 42s & 44s in both Patterns now. And the M41 and M1942 Para Coat... and all the flying jackets of course...
Tianna won't take pics... Have another week at home. Will get the kids to grab a few pics..


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I've probably become acclimatised to coldish temps living here but I've been really stunned this winter by how much I can still wear an A-2. So long as there is not too much wind and I've got on thermals, a thin woollen jumper and this cheap arse C-2 copy with scarf I'm good down to around -5 or -6 degrees. Sure I wouldn't want to stand around all day doing nothing in that but if I'm moving I'm OK. The A-2 is a versatile jacket just so long as you don't buy it so tight you can only wear a T-shirt in it!
T shirt it is best option under A2 jacket imho but I like her so much that I walk in it as long as I can , most of the winter, but unfortunately at minus 10 and more it is impossible,
in those days only irvin or B3


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Thomas Koehle

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not today but a couple of days ago:

Bob Dong (yeah meanwhile i gathered a big collection of Dongs :) )USCG jacket in wool combined with also TaoBao "US NAVY" woolen Sweater and my best Buddy "Anton" (my golden brought with me when we left China 2013), "Pike Brothers"pants and Redwing boots


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