What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Yeah it’s really nice to be able to wear the B-3 and B-2 together again, and even better to have the A-10 gloves to go with them (they’re in the pocket). Yeah Smithy, I realised the ‘tache had gone beyond what I originally envisaged, so I cut it back a bit. Much happier with it now, although it’s a constant process of development and adjustment.


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Whoa!....... That looks very cold.
I’m thinking B-3 or Irvin weather but the B-10 looks good . I’m guessing you had something heavy on underneath.
Not cold, -3C ( 28F) but very snowy.
Yes, under the jacket I has sweater.
The short jacket was chosen because we play with my daughter over the snow on a sled, it is more convenient.
I usually wear another jackets in our climate in winter season and these jackets are much longer than flight jackets :)
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but that just goes to show the versatility of an A2 jacket.
I've probably become acclimatised to coldish temps living here but I've been really stunned this winter by how much I can still wear an A-2. So long as there is not too much wind and I've got on thermals, a thin woollen jumper and this cheap arse C-2 copy with scarf I'm good down to around -5 or -6 degrees. Sure I wouldn't want to stand around all day doing nothing in that but if I'm moving I'm OK. The A-2 is a versatile jacket just so long as you don't buy it so tight you can only wear a T-shirt in it!