What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Cool jacket!
Did you add the AAF decal yourself? If yes, is it MASH and if so, what version - with glue or only with water?
J this is the one I got sent as a gift from Australia I’ve mentioned previously, the decal was done at the source by Eastman themselves Dimi and I’m the 3rd and final owner of this A2 the guy I got it from owned it for close to a decade using it daily on his motorbike so it has plenty of little wear points in just the right places that can only really be seen with the human eye, it’s got great character imo but the best part was it maintained it’s heavy aroma of warhorse,a real nice smelling leather jacket that’s been made with a great hide. Before it’s biker journey it was a sizing issue that the seller wasn’t happy with so sold it unworn with tags to the Australia gent


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Very busy with errands today, but thought I would post a quick pic of my 'new' Buzz L.S.L. Garment Co. B-10 just received from Buyee, Japan. I am VERY pleased that the jacket is in such great condition, and purchased for not much more than a new Bronson or Bob Dong B-10:

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EDIT: I think that Buzz did a nice job with their repro collar shape, as this original L.S.L. Garment Co. B-10 shows. The shell color is very close when seen indoors as well:

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Interested in that when available!