Leather belts.


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Steve is correct.
It’s for a sig sauer 380 auto pistol a friend of mine had and wanted a small holster made for it.
The SS380 is a superbly Swiss build/ engineered piece of gear. French Police and other „officials“ are „ enjoying“ its quality of make...and reliability... handy size , weight...
So are your belts, J , congrats... extremely nice crafting and quality, Bravo, why not opening a business?... Would work .. for sure...
Again, wow!
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Hey guys.
So for some here it’s been 6-7 months since I made your belts. How are they looking and wearing?
I haven't worn my too much yet, I wear a black belt more during "non-leather-jacket-weather"... But I absolutely love it! Solid as a tank and already starting to look even better. I'm definitely asking you to make me a black belt next summer.


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I have three; I have worn one of two (one black, one brown) of them every single day since I got them. They are wearing well with almost no signs of use. I'll see if I can get some pictures later today.


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you asked for some photos, and so I just got caught by some colleagues while I was taking pictures of my mid-section...

...nothing I would share, so you have to take my word for it: These belts are the best belts I have ever bought. Period.

I got them around Eastern holidays, and haven't worn anything else since then!

Thanks again!