CWU-36/45 questions

Ed Rooney

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That is an expedient field repair. I had one done in red thread. It’s tough to hand sew nomex. Just take it to the ALSE shop.

What do you think about Avirex? I didn't know they were an official supplier, but apparently they had a contract in 84? Also, what do you make of this picture? I can't make it out, some stitching problems on the sleeve?



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My 36p was also Avirex, everything was OK, it was a 1985 contract. But with this seam .... I agree with Jorge. Look for another jacket.


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No, AVIREX is good, it’s just this specific example that you posted that should avoided. On the other hand, ISRATEX had a problem with their CWU-45s, so any from that brand should avoided. I know ISRATEX also had a CWU-36 contract, but I never owned one, so I comment about those.