Buzz Rickson Werber B-2


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Beautifully well broken in jacket,,I thought it was unworn ? I would be delighted if I can get mine looking half as good .
Different hides back then. Every element of the jacket is soft. Like the DD Bronco. Can not believe how different they are today. Same could be said for ELC Air Comforts. Mine is nothing like today's version.


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I would change only one thing on my b2,,the neck closure,I would have the double straps ,,the horsehide is great,,although the horsehide on my air comfort is the best on any jacket I’ve ever seen,,period.

John Lever

Hell no.. Bland pocket and Buzz Rickson label...

What good are two buckles you don't use?
Not much use in Oz but when it's cold here in the north its the best method to fasten a collar to keen the ears warm. Same set up as the B3....I rest my case !
The house B2 is actually a copy of the Switlik jacket so is quite special. These were made over 15 years ago.
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