Buzz Rickson Werber B-2

John Lever

This might just be sacrilege for some but I'm really starting to think that the B-2 (and the B-1 for that matter) are much better looking jackets than the B-3.
Yep, has been my opinion for a decade. Buzz make the best version(I've had all the others)
Bought my first Werber from HPA in 2005.


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Just measured my size 44,,it ain’t fitting anyone with those requirements,that’s if they want to be able to breathe.:)


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Best Thanks. I guess I won't able to find one in my size.
No problem,happy to help.i know what it’s like buying a jacket based on marked size only to find it doesn’t fit.Thats why on the few occasions I have sold a jacket I’m happy to have it returned for a fit issue or if it’s not as described.For reference I’m approx 5-9 & 185 lbs.hope this helps ,regards Peter