AVI LTHR G-1 - sizes 40/42

Discussion in 'Repros' started by Greg Gale, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Garylafortuna

    Garylafortuna Active Member

    Greg, about a year ago I purchased a BR G-1 from Charles at HPA, and it had the same zipper problem as yours. Charles told me to take a long nose pliers and very gently tighten up the slider on each side, but using a very light hand. It worked. Take a good look at it first as it could be too tight in which case you need to pry it apart a little with a screwdriver. Hope this helps.
    Don't you dare size down.
  2. seres

    seres Member

    I've had this same problem, and solved it with this same method.. But be gentle... only a slight squeeze, and then test. The adjustment was almost too slight to measure.
  3. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    Hi Greg,
    Dont worry about it, try to source a “good “ zipper.
    Many excellent tailors and repair shops in your new home...It will cost you the zipper of your choice and a tip...
  4. Greg Gale

    Greg Gale Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I tried the plier method, I even used soap. No joy...whatever, I can't be arsed, I hopefully won't have to wear it for a very long time :)
  5. Thomas Koehle

    Thomas Koehle Well-Known Member

    Mexico Aguascalientes
    Check with AVI!

    I had my first G1 (the one on the pics on the previous pages) for about 6 weeks when my Zipper gave up - got in touch with Mortne and he told me they had Problems with th ezipper-Provider in General

    He offered me either to send me a new Zipper as replacement + cash (do not remember the amount) or to replace the jacket with a new Zipper-Generation

    I decided for the replacement of the jacket which i finally regreted coz on the first jacket the mouton collar was nicer as per my opinion as well as the Quality of the leather was better

    so i'd where you i'd get in touch with AVI
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  6. Greg Gale

    Greg Gale Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's what I wanted to avoid :( I'm leaving the country in a week, so I guess I'll worry about this if/when I get back.
  7. Brettafett

    Brettafett Well-Known Member

    Still, get hold of them and get them to send you a replacement zipper. At least you have it.
  8. Profmt1

    Profmt1 New Member

    Greg, I had the same problem with the zipper on the AVI G-1 that I picked up for a song from Nahua here last summer. I wrote to Morten at AVI, and he sent me an upgraded M-39 triple-marked Talon zipper. It’s silver rather than the original brass one. Looks and feels much better. Definitely improves the quality of the jacket. Now I have to decide

    But yes, sounds like your jacket is out of commission until you get back, unless you’re ok with it staying open all of the time.

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