What jacket(s) are you wearing at the moment?


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Today marks a year to the day when I was released from hospital having been diagnosed with, and treatment started to combat the Big C. When I got home it took a supreme effort and a lot of sweat just to climb the stairs at home.
Now apparently in remission, I celebrate the anniversary by laying rupture inducing heavy paving slabs outside our new greenhouse in cold, windy, sleety weather dressed akin to a 1950's Navvy* in heavy high rise, kidney warmer corduroy trousers, braces, soft collar shirt, ATF Tanker, SOF jerkin, thick welding gloves & steel toe capped rigger boots. In fact the very antithesis of spit n polish ;)


a labourer employed in the excavation and construction of a road, railway, or canal.


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Finally wore my Bronson MA1 yesterday evening when we went to the eye doctor to pick up our new specs.
This evening, I wore my At The Front B10 to go pick up some dinner.
Tried getting selfies but with each in those jackets at that angle Iook like the Michelin Man...
Try using the timer setting on your photo app on your cell phone . It works nicely .