VLJ software upgrade


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How large is the file you're trying to attach? I can make some adjustments.
Hi Nathan
I don’t think I have ever had the opportunity to correspond with you directly, but let me say “thank you” as well for all that you do.
I’m using my IPhone to post and I don’t know how to find that information. Sorry

Just a thought ... is it possible to set the parameters of the file size on this new format to the same parameters of the photo file size as the old system?
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Still having problems trying to post photos from my I phone. Any help would be appreciated .
Thanks guys.


Hi! Thanks for everything you do to keep the site running. I also have trouble logging in through Tapatalk. I also had the empty sub forum problem mentioned earlier. I decided to log out and re log-in, in case it just needed a refresh. After logging out in Tapatalk, I was not able to log back in. I can log in via the website, and I accepted the new rules and privacy policy. I thought that might be what generated the errors in Tapatalk. I still get an error trying to log in via Tapatalk, though.

Shawn Ali

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Hi Dear @Nathan Flowers

The software update is good, Congratulations on that, But I am facing a problem, I am unable to log in from Mobile phone, Do you make any of its Mobile App? Please suggests



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I have been a member for a few years, not so active lately.

I just signed in to your new site design , but the website lists me as a New Member.

This is not a major issue, but you asked us to let you know...

Edit: Your software remembers my old signature catchphrase - (See below) - a line from the Weenie King in Preston Sturges "PALM BEACH STORY".