VLJ software upgrade

Paul Glover

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I only access the forum on my Samsung android tab, I live in the Uk and over the last three days have noticed a massive improvement.
The pages load up much faster as do any posts or comments that I make.
Hope this info is of help, thanks again for your efforts Nathan.

Nathan Flowers

An update on statistics again. When we migrated the site to my server we were serving 20,000 pageviews/month. In 2020 we averaged 200,000 pageviews/month.


And here's the latest statistics for posts per month and number of users active per month since we moved to the new software in March of 2016.
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Could the new update be the reason for the new difficulties with the forum?



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Just a heads up, I received notifications on my iPhone that both VLJ and TFL forums had a data leak. Was instructed to change passwords on both forums. Unsure if this is factual or if it’s just my phone being weird.


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I can't connect to the site on wifi only on 4g .I get the message , server not responding. Anyone else?