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The Hartmann has gone ballistic !

Rory Schultz

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Could someone tell me who this faker salesman is that you gentlemen are speaking of ? So I can be on the lookout. Here are a few that I know of that are on Ebay. I do not know their real names.
We should have a forum that has an exclusive section for exposing these fakers and scammers from differing sites!

Most Notorious:

marira3...... he is based in Bubenheim Germany. He sells a ton of fake WW2 items. When he does list an authentic item he wants your wallet and your left leg. This guy, when he is discovered he switches user/seller name. HE IS CURRENTLY using the name at-buben. He takes items like reproduction items like hats and jackets then he heavily distress the item, then doctor it up to make it look battle used etc. When you purchase an item and discover the fraud, he refuses to take an item back even when he has a return policy guaranty. Then he makes up all kinds of excuses claiming ignorance. Many times he has taken East German NVA items and altered them to look WW2 West German items. Ebay knows of this guys fraud but has not done anything about banning him. Paypal ends up having to pay the bill to the victim. Now, Paypal is passing the cost of these losses to the rest of us by increasing dues and a monthly maintenance payment on top of any purchase and loading fees.

Most notorious: is gifu-yokosuka ,....based in Japan He sells fakes and reproductions as originals and offers a fake COA.
southernpmxtn….. in Tennessee passes off fake German medals is the real thing.

westwall154-2 …... based in Russia.
oldskool kidd……..USA
missyandme……...Las Vegas these people trying selling reproductions (especially medals like Knights Crosses and Iron Crosses) as original period pieces.
widerangecollectibles…..USA this guy passes off WW2 German items that are fakes with fake RZM tags on them.

These next ones are only questionable.....daniewheele49 He will decorate East German tunics up with Nazi items and then will leave a question mark at the end of the sales pitch relating to his not knowing if its genuine or not and leaving the search for accuracy in your hands to find out.

I could list a bunch more...….


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I lurk on the Historic board of the flypast forum, where there are an on going series of eBay threads. One seller has a habit of giving very nicely frameable provenances for his crash recovered relics, usually from combat losses.
Problem is most of the items aren't even from the same type of aircraft let alone the claimed one.