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The Black Sheep Irvin - Coming Soon from Aero


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Absolutely love the jacket . The photo looks like the jacket is just a shade small on you. I’ve seen your other Irvin’s and they look like they’re a bit larger. Am I looking at this incorrectly or is the fit spot on in your opinion?


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I can't deny it does feel a little snugger than my others, but not excessively so. It certainly doesn't feel tight anywhere wearing this heavy t-shirt underneath although I don't think a roll neck would work. It's the same size as my other Aero Irvin so i think maybe it just needs a little time to settle in.
Here's a few more pics after I've been knocking around in it for a couple of hours.
ResizerImage1600X240002.jpg ResizerImage1600X240003.jpg ResizerImage1600X240004.jpg ResizerImage1600X240005.jpg


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Well I've got to say, lovely jacket just a shame the internal fleece has been shaved so short, it really let's it down :(


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Maybe I will get stoned for that...Try a HWT....and wear it during the last drying phase....with a thick swearshirt.

The fleece will become more “vintage curly” and the jacket will adjust and still be large enough... also put some leather treatment on the outside to keep it soft and pliable during the last drying moments....my 0,1 cent input.
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