Tanker Jackets revisited

Thomas Koehle

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the stencils on my jacket have been done by JOSH - unfortunately he is no longer in business ...

if some more pics would be required let me know - i snap some and post 'em or forward to yer email-adress

the jacket originally is made by "The Dong" and came fully geared up for a "FURY" repop - gave her some washes and removed the ranks afterwards to give her the appearance of someone who lost his ranks with the "ghosts" still visible

the jacket is a thad on the small side but if i ain't breath it works somehow :)


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Probably tied to customers and changing their minds. Any graphic artist will get frustrated by customer needs.

His work was the best out there across leather, starlings and post war stuff.

Thomas Koehle

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No clue whyhe stopped doing jackets ... - once in a while he pops up on FB again but is now doing all sorts of sewing and stuff but no longer commissions for jacket-art as far as i know???

He told me he started studying design (as far as i remember ...) so maybe he wants to focus more on studies???