Stunning patches by Miroslav on FB...

Officer Dibley

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Again and again Sean Colins starting attacking on me on FB...this time with 2 patches I painted for his friend Mark Nelson 2-3 years ago. Mark sent me photos of already painted patches asking me to paint for him also. Knowing Mark also painting patches have no reason to belive someone 3rd is owner of that design. Now, in public OF COURSE, "EXPERT" Sean Colins attacing me again. I noticed he usually do that after I put some new patch and got some positive comments. I will never understand such people. BTW, he unblocked me :)
You sir are “Da Man”. You have skills. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but not when financial gain is at stake.
Keep doing what you do.
And welcone to the forum !


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Grown men arguing about paintings of cartoon characters......oh brother!

BTW........technically, no one can sell images of Disney designs from WW2 w/o Disney's permission as they own the copy-writes even today. Towards the end of WW2 Disney included "copywriter Disney" or something like that on their designs.

Not saying the copywrite police are going to show up at anyone's door.

Great work by many patch guys out there!


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He, Sean Colins " EXPERT" is arguing with himself, because he refused to answer to my question, BOTH OF THEM, Mark Nelson and EXPERT!
Thats why he starting new theme. Read carfully all.


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I was waiting to see when you would pop up, given the veiled intent in the recent Suit Up posts from Sean.

I believe it is more of a 'tyrannical moderator' thing. Sean's recent antics, and the manner he introduces his 'I have been asked to explain..' posts on Suit Up, are churlish. Locking Miro's commentary posts that put his argument in jeopardy is pretty ordinary. Blocking Miro out of spite even more so. Miro's posts added more colour to Suit Up than Sean's links to his eBay sales ever will.

The link to Sean's new VFJ Vintage Flight Jackets on Suit Up yesterday was further evidence how 'appreciated' his posts are. Suit Up enjoys 2500 members. 350 have taken up the offer for the private 'VFJ' page offered by Sean. That is 2100 plus Facebookers who said NO (including myself) at the moment. Not that I care what happens there, I would assume Sean has carte blanche to put forward his take on reproduction patches. And reproduction is another word for copy. I am sure that I am not the only individual who finds the debate over what constitutes plagiarism puzzling. If there are subtle differences that an artist 'introduces' on a patch 'copied' from the original does that indicate that the artist can not accurately reproduce a WWII patch. Getting into a pissing contest over who is the best artist is futile. That title belongs to Ties! And he is an absolute gentleman to boot! Hands down.

And Sir, I noticed your profile here started the same day as 'The Swede' and I could not find you as a member of Suit Up, or on Facebook for that matter?


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And if anyone is interested Miroslav is now a moderator at the 'A-2 Jacket Artist Society' on Facebook apparently. The admins there are more supportive of Miro's artistic efforts. Hopefully we will see more of his work out there soon.


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You are quite the character Dutchman. Quite the character. You ever research live steam engines yet? Ha ha.


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You twit.

Do not want to hear the stupid argument that the altered by current artist insignia's are not copyrighted. It's a courtesy thing !
any copy, regardless of a few changes here or there is copying the original. Wow. You are the one who is dense here. Sorry. I just don’t like you at all.