Stunning patches by Miroslav on FB...


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I think he does excellent work as well. I still haven't gotten around to having these he made for me (purchased on eBay) stitched on to my Japanese-made Morgan Productions 'Morgan Memphis Belle' HH A-2 for a tribute jacket:


Here's another showing better detail of Bugs:



Screenshot_2019-06-26 Microsoft Word - Ragged Irregular 2011 02 Color doc - RI_2011_April_V44_...png

I can add to the history of the insignia by sending you a copy of this plaque which I purchased at Bassingbourn from B. Frank Ashby, Cpl. with 91st Intelligence Section at Bassingbourn. He was an accomplished artist who drew chalk renderings of bomb targets as they might appear from altitude. He made up these pieces I think using silk screening, and the reason squadron info etc. was not added was censorship – the war was ongoing. At this point we have only speculation on the reason for a blue rabbit. It may have been something as simple as blue paint was available at the time or possibly the altered insignia was easier to reproduce. Whatever the reason, we’ve traced the original brown rabbit to Charlie Busa and the blue rabbit to B. Frank Ashby
( I'm not certain if Ashby made one as detailed, but I like Miroslav's rendition of the blue rabbit much better for my tribute jacket. I would like to imagine that Miroslav based his detailing on an actual period example)

EDIT: Perhaps the reason for the color is that the rabbit is wearing his blue bunny suit.... ;)
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He does some pretty nice work. I’m not really into parched jackets, but his stuff really does turn my head. I may have to rethink this....


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very nice leather patches, especially the painting, typical single layered for European Theater.
The CBI Theater's multi-layered Patches seem more complicated.
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Neatly cut leather, painted, positioned and stitched (with the spaces involved) is a dark art to master.

Patches and jackets are a God given talent applied to a blank canvas.. You're all great IMO.