McCoy's N-1


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While I don’t have any experience with a MC Coys , I’ve got a Buzz Rickson N-1 and I can tell you that in my experience that jacket comes as close to an original as any of the repros .
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I prefer the utilitarian look of the standard N-1, but have heard alpaca can be itchy against the skin. The mouton collar changes the look (and adds to the cost) but is, no doubt. soft and very comfortable.


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I have a RM N-1 and it's a lot more comfortable than the BR I had before; the collar is plusher and the lining not at all itchy meaning it can be worn over just a t-shirt without any discomfort.


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Yes, it's much expensive than I think, when I wanted to buy it for my dad, but I got McCoy's N-1 through ReeCoupons in the latest design I think,
because I didn't see that design before, but I completely sure it was an McCoy's N-1,


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I put my BR N-1 through a washing cycle at 30° twice last year and in my subjective feeling, the collar and the lining have become a little more plush and comfortable...not that they were itchy or unwearable before...