Headwind Mfg...?


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I have 3 Headwind jackets on order, pre-paid.
I emailed Jay 3 weeks ago for an update, sadly
no reply.

Portland is turned upside down, hopefully Jay
and his loved ones are not caught up in all of
the mayhem.

Fingers crossed.
While I do not know Jay's situation, he lives on the east side of Portland, miles from downtown where the protests and rioting are pretty much confined to a 4 block area. Unless he is out protesting, I can't see how he would be affected by anything going on here.

Given the history, I highly doubt anything going on in Portland has anything to do with his business practices, or lack thereof. Coronavirus supply issues, maybe, but that has nothing to do with his Goodwearlike lack of response and a disconnected phone.

I do see he has this on his website:

These have been difficult times worldwide and at Headwind Mfg we have taken this pandemic very seriously. We have always put the safety and health of our workers first and following this principle, we shut down our operations very early in the pandemic. I am relieved to say that these quick measures resulted in zero transmission of the virus at our facilities. We are now set to re-open on 9/15/2020. We are accomplishing this by strict use of masks and altering our production practices to allow social distancing. We hope to be quickly running near pre pandemic production levels but realize it will take some time to get there.

We greatly appreciate all the support from our customers! Your dedication to us and sticking with us through these hard times, spurs us on. We are committed to building you the finest reproduction jackets available and look forward to delivering on that promise."

Maybe he messed himself up on his motorcycle again...
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This seems like a pretty flimsy cover. If he shut down due to COVID, why was this not posted a long time ago? Why continue to take money when he won’t be able to deliver in a timely fashion? Remember, all through this, Jay was continuing to post items on eBay, quoting a turn around of a few weeks, even though he wouldn’t be able to deliver any time soon. Why not do what Platon did and refuse orders until things are back on track? Why the disconnected phone line?