Headwind Mfg...?


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Hi, lurker here, just adding that I ordered and prepaid a jacket in March, right before the world ended. I tried to contact the company three times recently, no answer. I'm getting worried.


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Doesn't sound good Magnus.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle here right before Mexican Beer Virus hit where a member here had a horrific experience with Headwind. Long story short, he eventually got his money back but not before much wailing and gnashing of teeth. TBH it was bloody awful customer service from Headwind. There was a lot of excuses about not being able to get materials, etc, etc, but it dragged on for an age and unsurprisingly the chap concerned (Burt - he'll hopefully chime in) had to play the "right I'm going to contact the credit card company and let the shit hit the fan" card. Almost exactly after that, CV hit and since then I don't think Jay (the chap from Headwind) has been seen around here.

If it was me, after the nonsense with Burt's order I'd tread carefully.


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Beat me to it, Tim. Yeah, I don't know Jay's exact situation, but I do know that these issues predate the pandemic, the BLM protests, all of it. If I'm being generous, I'd say you should find out the deadlines for your credit card and treat that as the rock solid deadline for Jay to ship your jacket. Jay's delivery record has been bad enough that you absolutely should not let this go beyond the window for disputing the charge.
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Lady from claims asked me where it’s been sent from.
“Lady, if it was from the moon it would not take 1 year and no word...”

im afraid many will take advantage of CV.


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Sadly, for me, I payed via PayPal, direct withdraw from my bank account.
So... Time will tell if I am satisfied, or a statistic.
I'm remaining optimistic, and I hope that Jay comes through.
Better late, than never.
Jack, doesn't PayPal have some kind of buyer protection? I haven't used my PayPal in an age so can't remember but I thought there was.
PayPal does have ways to attain a refund.
But, I am patient, and I like Jay, he's always
been available pre-covid. And I have faith in
him, and in his honor. (call me old fashioned)

If I get burned, you will all be the first to know.

My fingers are crossed, glass half full, rosary beads polished.

he he he


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Shame. Hope he's alright. One of those Admiral or Top Hatter jackets has been on my list for a while now; just waiting for the wait times to be reduced because I have zero patience.