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Sorry to hear of the news Ken.

As a community we are very widely spread and with any luck at least some of us should be able to spot something.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Thank you all for both your concern, support and your good wishes. We are a hardy bunch up here, we'll get through it!
Luckily we are insured, should be fully but we all know how likely that'll be in the insurer's opinion.
Richt now we are going back through emails etc to identfy linings etc on used trade-ins due to be listed, there were 45 of these so it's slow job

Here's the one that would be of most interest in these parts, fully restored but we still hadn't sorted the front where a name had been badly removed, that was due to be done before listing it.
351st BG there's loads of info out there on the Aircraft.

As soon as we've got a comprehensive list we'll post it.
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Ken at Aero Leather

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There have been other robberies. First American Classics, then at Wested Leather on Sunday 14th May. These all appear to be professional
and similar in style.

Where to fence the jackets? Put them in the back of a transit van, then a ferry at Dover and into Europe.

If these robberies are professional and to order then the question is where next? The most likeliest place is
Eastman Leather (or their pop-up shop). They should beef up their security and keep stock levels low on Sunday night/Monday morning.
Our place was to all intents and purposes "watertight" I'd agree with your advice to Eastman ..........and Lewis might want to consider their place too...........we are adding/have added several "belts" to the not inconsiderable sets of "braces" that were already in place!

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Ken having security in place before the robbery shows us this was no by chance robbery . Leaving us to believe these are pros and probably will not be selling them at car boots flea markets or in Pubs . The fencing was most probably set but before the heist , I do hope the insurance company takes good care of you and hopefully come out ahead of the game . I do think this load of theirs is going to become hot to handle ,the reason being is they are not just jackets both repro and original .But very important jackets that get sold to a very knowledgeable clientele who are interlinked in many ways . I have a feeling this will not end well for them ! . I look forward to the comprehensive list of what was taken .

My best regards Ken
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I believe these jackets will end up as offers on "illegal / second hand" markets across Central and Eastern Europe, Germany,Poland, maybe Russia..
There is no way for these jackets to be sold in the UK, they knew about the quality and the value of these jackets.
With the forum members from all over the Europe and around the world perhaps some of those jackets will appear somewhere.
As someone recently said it would be great if Ken could post the list of the stolen jackets with the photos.

Ken at Aero Leather

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As someone recently said it would be great if Ken could post the list of the stolen jackets with the photos.
We are working on two lists right now, one for the insurance company and more detail one with a fair percentage of photos for the constablary
These will, of course, be made available to ther various forums.. VLJ included

Problem is getting the right balance, time wise, between doing a precise list and "doing the day job" , i.e. making jackets to replace the missing ones.

On top of everything else, the factory production side of Aero is due to shut down for two weeks holiday for the next fortnight. However, the number of staff volunteering to come in and work during their holidays has been really touching, we've got a great team up here these days!!!


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I really think these are the pros (or an inside job, not from the company, but the leather jacket trade). In a way, I don't think these jackets will end up in Asia as I suspect most sizes are too big for the Asian built wearers. I think Aero should start placing serial numbers on their jackets in some hidden places.

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go to greedbay and look up adystamps [seller]. this person has several aeros for sale. located in rumania. coincidence, or cookie trail?.


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If its him and he is watching this, he thanks you for your well meant information.
PM's would be much smarter to help the authorities.
Moderator, please shut down this thread in order to avoid this kind of things.


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Only did an 'Aero' search from that seller Ken. No contact made. Watching some of them in my size. eBay does not ID the watchers... only bidders. Do they look like yours missing items? Let us know if you want a 'buyer' to get some details, Paypal address etc. Happy to take a 'strike' to assist. Let us know your intent.....

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pilot, dont go paranoid, now. the chances of this mut, and any of his cohorts being aware of this forum are zilch. furthermore, it is in kens hands to proceed one way or another, not yours. if ken would like this thread shut down, thats aok with me. if he would like any of us to make inquiries with adystamps, done deal. all the same, it is my opinion that the seller believes that he is not in harms way, and out of reach of a uk investigation, thus the reason for listing so soon after the theft. also, with me its "whats written in the vlj, stays in the vlj", and i thought that my flagging this mut would be a heads up for any members considering a purchase from adystamps.
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