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  1. mulceber

    Question about Aero A-2s and cowhide

    Hi all - it's my first time posting, although I've been a lurker for a while now. I'm considering getting an Aero A-2 and was wondering if cowhide is an option. I notice it shows up in the Quartermasters Issue, but none of the original contract A-2s in the Aero Military Jackets section list...
  2. riopaulf

    New B3 Jacket, but which one?

    Hi everybody, With the very cold UK weather I recently bought a vintage B3 jacket From eBay. I loved it but it was too big for me. Also, I didn’t like the smell much. It was a strong musty smell on the sheepskin. It was a USAAF one, though I must say that really like the look of the more fitted...
  3. Ken at Aero Leather


    We had a break in at Aero in the early hours of this morning, Monday 10th July, around 2am at our factory on Huddersfield Street in Galashiels, around 110 new and used Aero jackets, mostly orders waiting to go out today, and some original vintage pieces were stolen. Among the missing vintage...
  4. regius

    Aero's Perry (aka unknown 1756) pattern?

    For those who owns the Aero Leather's unknown 1756, most likely a Perry jacket, please kindly comment on the body pattern vs. their 15142 or 18775? Historically, it seems highly plausible that the same manufacturer tended to keep the pattern throughout their contracts and just make local...