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Bomber Jacket Photo Project...


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Hello Folks!

I must admit that until recently I was unaware of this group, but I've undertaken a project that might be of interest to the members. I'm a commercial photographer in Atlanta, with a specialization in Aviation. Over the holidays I began photographing WWII "bomber jackets", or as they are more properly known, A2 jackets. I'm specifically seeking jackets with hand-painted artwork, preferably on both sides, from the WWII period. The present condition is irrelevant. All who participate will receive a free print of each side of the jacket for their efforts.

The eventual goal is to create an exhibition (with life-sized prints), a book, or both.

Additional details, including my contact information, can be found here: http://aerographsblog.com/wordpress/?p=1457

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have...


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I think this is a great idea, and a traveling exhibition would be very cool to see. Wish that I owned more painted originals, as I would love to participate, but I do wish you all the best luck with the project, from one artist and artisan to another.


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Hello Dave!

Thanks so much. The project has received some good, actually great response so far. Will keep everyone posted as to progress…


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Hello Gents!

Back with an update. To date, 29 jackets have been photographed, including 7 in June at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, and just last week, 13 more were photographed at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in DC. While I'm still processing the images from last week, 16 are posted to my website, and can be seen here: http://aerographs.photoshelter.com/inde ... IwSfHDZ.GQ

If you know of anyone who has an ORIGINAL A-2 or G-1 from WWII, please consider putting us in touch. My email is john@aerographs.com and I can be reached via cell at (404) 245-2411.

In advance, Thanks!



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I hate to be picky, but they're called "flight jackets". Bomber jacket was a term coined by civilian makers after the war.

Sorry for being so "type A".
I do agree with this, despite it seeming incredibly pedantic! 'Flight jacket' is a far better term, particularly when you consider not all the jackets were even worn in bombers.

What an absolutely fantastic project. Your photos are terrific John - please keep us updated on your progress! And be sure to get as many photos of other WW2 jackets - there's some B3, B-6 and D-1 shearling jackets which all have fantastic artwork on them.


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Stony, Have not been back. I don’t collect like I did now that I retired. Linda said, “...well, we could go back” so we’ll see.


I hate to be picky, but they're called "flight jackets". Bomber jacket was a term coined by civilian makers after the war.

Sorry for being so "type A".
I think correct nomenclature is important. The B-3 is probably the closest piece to the term “bomber jacket” because they were designed for higher altitude flight and colder ambient temperatures. I prefer “flight jackets”.