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B3 contract list ??


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Il be compiling the lists for the known contracts for the B3 later today .
Just out of curiosity ? can any of this be Copyrighted ????
You may need to create/be part of a secret “enthusiastic amateurs “ cabal to do surely !


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Here you go, bitches. Say thank you, Aota Mituhiro.

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Well this has really turned the contract list saga upside down !! Thanks to Grant for helping me in my quest i have noticed that many of the contract number/order numbers shown here in Aota's list for B3's are also showing for D1's .
Example .
Aero Leather Contract W535 -AC- 17755 is shown for B3 /A3 set
b3 comparison.PNG

The same contract number is also shown in the D1 /B1 list
D1 list.png


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That’s strange. At risk of asking too much, does that jibe at all with your list?
Dave , the list i put together for B3 contracts is now " null and void" at this moment in time .
But i do have concrete evidence from my lists that show "Jackets Mechanics D1 " with the contract number shown in the B3 list . Im trying to work out if the author of FULL GEAR has either made a mistake ( which i doubt somehow, but plausible )
Also wasnt there a list on here somewhere that someone :)rolleyes:) posted regarding the B3 makers ?
What would be helpful now is a pic that if an original Aeroleather Beacon B3 label with that contract number on it and also the D1 with the same contract number


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Looks like AEROLEATHER Beacon NY , ROUGHWEAR and PERRY seem to have followed suit in using the same contact numbers for both the B3 and D1 ?

b3 d1 anomaly list.png
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