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B3 contract list ??


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A couple there I’ve not heard of before-Phillips Tanning and Clothing Co., and Sovereign Chicago. Anyone ever seen a jacket by either of them?
And thanks to Grant and Mituhiro-san.
Found this B3 Phillip's Tanning & Clothing Co. example while looking for something else. The link below has more pictures and they look well made. The company had business dealings with the Werber Leather Coat Co., Inc. (both of Newburgh, NY), but I do not know the extent. Alice Werber was married to Martin Langer, the owner of the Phillip's Tanning & Clo. Co.





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Looks good - a lot like the old ELC redskin Roughwear B-3, before they started using the cardboard sheepskin they use now. I like that two panel back. Trust Andrew to nab a rare one!