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Army OG-106 Jacket, Cold Weather (High Temperature) are not (and never were) "CVC/Tanker" jackets

NW Carver

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Correction. I just looked at my NOS Gibraltar still in the issue bag, and it does not have the folded over right pocket flap. So ya, I think you are right, it's done by the wearer. Why is a mystery.
yep, definitely a mystery there - I wonder if it relates to what the person is operating in when they are wearing the jacket - and if the edge of the flap on one side was getting in the way of some part of the machinery or a control....For example, maybe in a tight cockpit or the confines of a tank turret where space is at a premium...

NW Carver

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More likely a functional thing though.
Agreed, I think more a functional thing....I will put some feelers out with a few friends of mine that are ex U.K. military but have friends who are ex US army vets - see if they have any remembrances about this - a long shot but you never know, would be interesting to find out


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It would be great to find out yes. Once you find out it will make a valuable contribution to the jacket collecting community. We have a wealth of knowledge here.


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I was issued these and don't remember anything about the flap being folded as a matter of practice.
I've never seen anything to suggest folded-over pocket flap corners were some type of trendy thing -- at least not on the aviation side. There would need to be a sizable sampling and/or photos showing them before I would be comfortable saying it was some type of functional modification.
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I worked pretty closely with Aussie and USMC armoured/Mech Cav and I don't remember seeing this as a "Thing" (as in a unit or section doing it uniformly)


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