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A real bargain! „Irvin Eastman-B-3“

John Lever

Funy really...! That is my jacket bought directly from Chapal Paris for 350 gbp. At the time Chapal didn't have a website only printed brochures, they sent me actual gloss prints of the jacket. Due to a confusing phone call in franglaise I ended up buying the wrong size. It was too big even after I shrunk washed it. It has a missing collar strap loop but interestingly the trim is capeskin. Sold it on ebay for 400 quid to a bloke in Wrexham, it surfaced recently with a bin of 450 gbp. I messaged the seller but received no reply.
Funny how these ebay chancers operate, real get rich quick merchants !


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At least it’s amusing...
„ make an expensive looking product“... „marketing it properly“ ... „put a high price on it...“ ...“it will sell for sure“... maybe not here but surely somewhere...