vintage leather jacket

  1. J

    Info on Leather Jacket Maker Brand Garuda

    Hi folks, I'm trying to find more info on this particular leather jacket brand, Garuda Leather. It seems that there isn't any info whatsoever online about this brand's origin or where they manufacture the jackets, but I've found a few pieces on online auction sites...
  2. Sylwia

    Please help with I.D. this jacket

    Please help with I.D. this jacket, I'M from Poland and I don't know that this company were/is popular and the jacket is worth something. The jacket looks like the 80's. I'm sorry if I'm post in wrong category. Thanks for your help.
  3. Skyhawk

    Amelia Earhart Flight Jacket Reproduction - The Aviatrix

    Hello all, we have been in the planning stage for some time now on the Aviatrix jacket. Our goal is to produce a high quality, durable "real" flight jacket for women that is an exact reproduction of one of Amelia's favorite flight jackets. Our hope is that this project can contribute to...
  4. Ken at Aero Leather

    Grand Theft Aero

    This week all of the recovered goods stolen by Will Lauder (that he hadn't managed to sell off) were returned to Aero by Police Scotland and they are now safely back in the factory. For those unaware of the case he got 21 months of not nearly hard enough labour at Lizzie's pleasure. It is going...