Info on Leather Jacket Maker Brand Garuda


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Hi folks, I'm trying to find more info on this particular leather jacket brand, Garuda Leather.

It seems that there isn't any info whatsoever online about this brand's origin or where they manufacture the jackets, but I've found a few pieces on online auction sites that are based in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia).

The only thing I know so far is they make Buco J-24 style horsehide jackets, and that the brand started in 1955. I'm not sure if Garuda leather still exists today.
Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.12.16 AM.jpg

If you know where I can buy their jacket, or can point me to their physical address or online store, please let me know!

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japanese maker? once upon a time, japanese makers used eastern themes for their labels. they now use ersatz american themes.


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Yeah, possibly Japanese, but I've google translated "Garuda Leather Jacket" and search the Japanese words.... still nothing. No website, no blogs, nothing.