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What a shame


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I think it should be possible to get that off, but not at £500+. It’s actually quite well done, but I’d still rather it wasn’t there.


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I suppose it was done for the same reasons as they were painted back in the day, pride, showing off, a statement of individualism, to stand out from the herd. Those that can cast their minds back just a few decades will remember that bikers splashed their names, or the names of their girlfriends or wives, over genuine Irvins and the like. Just the thing for hanging around outside the cafes in the winter.


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The artwork is fine for what it is, but having the face be right on the jacket's seams makes it look like one of the creatures from Avatar.


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Great art on a great jacket. Contextualised it does not look that 'good' but someone would happily wear it. I am not sure if was pulled through embarrassment or someone chimed in with a back offer.


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Cover it with a blood chit...
Cover it with a name, a big cloud and a plane....
Try acetone and, if needed, touch up the panels with Tandy dye...

Plenty of possibilities.

If Trevor is right and somebody got it for significantly less than 500 GBP... the buyer might have gotten himself a bargain.