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Watches to wear with your flight jackets...


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On their way to servicing, prior going onto the market


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How much is it going to cost to get five watches serviced? About fifteen hundred dollars if you are lucky.
Not enough since done the only way it should be.. ..the proper and correct way… and doing honor and justice to these historical time pieces..
The shipping costs back and forth with dedicated „ jewelry and watches „ courier service comes on top of the service ( parts ) cost.
But the outcome is worth the efforts :)


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I've got two in various stages of resto. The 42 Waltham ran well until the main spring snapped. The 43 Elgin, I'm gonna need it to slow down alot.


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Only 12 ever made…
Greetings from a stopover in Bangkok .
apologies … no idea why the photo does nit pup up… ( ohhh yes I know…nope there is no fresh flesh on the photo:)


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Immediately remembered my Hamilton Sunset, which could determine the sunset time at different airports in the world... beautiful but absolutely useless function :) As a result, I spent most of my life flying with an ordinary watch, the quarz AVI Hurricane stayed with me the longest time