Roughwear on the Goodwear sales page

Dany McDonald

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Wow that went fast!

A Goodwear is on my hit list but waiting for the perfect size... 38-40... I was really interested and almost pulled the trigger, but could not get passed the extra shoulders and what seems like a bit shorter than my usual preferred sleeve size.

Stanier, looking forward for the fit pics, good job!



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When I got up this morning I had absolutely no intention of buying a jacket. Zero. Then a couple of hours later I've bought this and in my excitement, also put down a deposit on another Goodwear... Plus I've got the Platon Dubow on order and my ELC Star. Thats without my other jackets. I need to get a grip...:oops:


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It’s not you.... It’s the Pandemic’s making us do all sorts of things we wouldn’t normally do, to fight the boredom...... ( just between the two of us that’s what I’ve been telling my wife on occasions like this and it’s working );)
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Congrats on the purchase Stanier! The 23380 is an awesome contract. (As an aside, it seems like John’s been making a lot of those lately. This is the third one to show up in his classifieds in the last year, iirc).

Anyway, can’t wait to see some fit pics!