Quality nylon from bronson or acid rain?


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My friend sent me these photos. he was just caught in the rain..the result is shown in the photo. The ma-1 jacket was purchased on an off-site from Bronson. I honestly did not take the risk and deliberately wet my ma-1 to check))) who thinks about this? Maybe someone had a similar problem? thanks.


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I have worn my one in rain with no effect however do live in sticks so unlikely to get as acid rain

It must have been very toxic looks a bit like a bleach stain



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That's just "patina"! ;)

With respect, but is the jacket clean? I've seen things that have become jaded (don't like to say grubby) washed in spots by the rain like that. A cool appointment with a washing machine or simple soak and dry out ought to improveit (in my opinion). Check washing instructions first though.


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Just waterspots, mate! Even my Buzz Rickson would do this.
Simple fix: Take a wet cloth and evenly distribute water over the nylon. then use a hairdryer to carefully dry it without burning it.
Alternatively, soak the whole thing and dry over a few days.


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I am actually glad this was posted and it is timely. I have a BR in blue nylon. I just noticed last week a few spots on the back. They look similar but different than these picks, more like small areas where the nylon has delaminated if that makes sense. In other words like areas where the top layer of the nylon has separated from a lower layer and it makes small whitish colored spots. I thought it was tree sap at first, (we have a lot of pine trees where I live) but it is definitely nothing on the surface. I am out of town right now but will post pictures in a day or two. Has anyone else experienced what I am describing?


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The same thing happened to my CWU-45 when it was rained on. The issue was solved by scrubbing it down with demineralized water and a sponge. Came out looking like a new jacket. Hope this helps.


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Water marks an ongoing issue when wearing nylon jackets from my experience, I’d go with the wet cloth / sponge. Have had to resort to dry cleaners (L2B) when faced with heavy beer stains....

Dimitry M

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My first Ma-1 had every thing you can imagine get on it. I mean everything. I have gotten those marks before. The water was probably contaminated so when the water evaporated it left behind that crud.


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I know this isn’t the best photo, (it’s I raining today so no sun for outdoor shot) but this is the back of my BR L2A. The other day, I noticed these spots. They are not on the surface and I tried to wipe it down with water as described above, but finally came to the conclusion that these are under the surface. It looks to me like the top layer has delaminated from the layer underneath causing these milky white spots to occur. Has anyone else seen this before?
I might start a new thread as well to ask the same question. Thanks in advance.


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I think there is no point in starting a new thread, it turned out to be a common problem .. but how strange! on my cheap Chinese Alpha for many years this has not happened ... but here we see problems on fairly expensive copies or even on the originals ..


Bronson is awful quality. When rain (water) gets in, after drying, terrible streaks and white spots appear on the jacket. The inner pocket was not sewn so there was a hole.