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Original 37J1 colors?


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Photos exist of original Bedford cord 37J1s:
- in OD green, with matching knits
- in various shades of greenish-yellowish-tan, with OD knits
- in deeper tan, with medium brown knits

In addition, there's a 1pc flight suit, style 37S3, with obvious mismatched dye lots.

The Bedford cord presumably faded thru washing and sun, and became dingy with wear.
So...which shades were original, and which are the result of their long service lives?
Were the brown knits refits, or were they originals as well? Did they fade from green?
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Here's a Sigmund Eisner 37J1A, the same make as the OD example above, in a deep tan (just faded/dingy?) with brown cuffs, OD collar and waist.
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