My last A-2 (hopefully) - Good Wear


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I've recently developed a 'crush' on the D. Doniger.
I like the sensible and rather unique design. Trim with a square profile, not short. Looks comfy to wear and I am also attracted to the simple collar.
This would depend on the type of goatskin John has when the time comes.

So, currently thats been added to the russet contenders.


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Let's see:

United Sheeplined in Shinki Russet, Golden Brown Knits and light OD Thread. I went for the blackened brass Talon.
I asked for internal pockets, though. That might throw off some purists.

44L or 46 as size (for layering) - probably going for 44L, which would be similar to my ELC Monarch 352FG Edition.

Why the United Sheeplined?
Well, all my other A-2's pockets are round. The fit looked good on JC's sample photos and there seems to be little blousing.
Plus "United Sheeplined" sounded kinda cool to me and it seems they had some interesting heritage.

I might need to make some room for this one - anybody interested in an ELC RW 27752 in 42?


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Let the mindplay begin...
Horse vs Goat?

Seriously considering going over to goat instaed of horse - that would be my first non-horse A-2.

Any thoughts? :)


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Doniger has moved up to my no.1 slot ( a lot will depend on the goat John has at the time... )
For me, this contract shouts unusual and interesting. And there are some pics of an 'ultra vintage russet goat Doniger' that look fantastic!

I am open to correction, but I think the goat John uses, or has used, tends to be ever so slightly thinner and lighter than a lot of the hh (Shinki?) available.
Makes for an easy to wear jacket.
I love my HH A-2s, all of them, yet Ill still maintain one of my favourite A-2s to grab out the door is my AVI goat circa 2019... This jacket has a fantastic goat, light, full of character... Pity they couldn't use this for their M-422A.
Anyway, I digress.


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Here you go Brettafett! As I think Ive mentioned when comparing to an original it was pretty much spot on. Initially I wondered if it was a tad shiny but I do like that when it compared so well! I also really like the burnishing on the seams etc (not too evident due to lighting in the pics).
Loved it from the off, feels a perfect fit with seams sit perfectly on the shoulders compared to an ELC Ive got which is one size down!!
You're in London right, if you want to see it for real
just shout?


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I have owned a few of John's goats in the past and they have been stellar. My latest GW in goat is super. The way to choose between an HH or goat A-2 is to have both! I have always been a huge GRAIN guy but I suppose its inevitable that I would ultmaltey move away from super grainy and almost prefer a cleaner goat look. Point being, sounds like its time to try a goat A-2 and you can't do better than GW for this. Actually, some of the 5 Star Dubow goat's have looked pretty great.